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Build Club’s AI Hackathon was sold out in multiple cities across Australia, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The event attracted AI engineers, researchers, and founders, all tasked with the problem statement of creating solutions ‘for a better world’.

Last weekend, The Precinct hosted Brisbane’s hackathon, which saw teams developing a diverse range of products. Highlights included an AI Sales Deck designed to quickly generate a pitch for sales reps and Flourish, a mental health app based off research proven techniques. Taking the top prize was Storybots, a chat bot to help people with kids create stories developed by Darren Rogan, Siva Kalyan, and Tracy Dinh.

Build Club, Australia’s largest AI engineer and founder community, provided participants with cutting-edge tools such as Relevance AI, Sahha, Google Gemini, and Supabase. The event also featured workshops and engaging discussions on the decentralised AI stack.

In just 24 hours, 68 new AI inventions were created by over 400 participants across nine cities. These projects are now live, and the public is encouraged to vote for their favourite at Build Club Projects here: 

Learn more about Build Club here:

The Precinct is an initiative of Advance Queensland, supported by the Queensland Government.

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